Doc and Wyatt looking forward on logs.jpg

Father and Son;

Wyatt and Doc 

Doc and Wyatt backs together on hay.jpg
Doc and Wyatte looking sideways on logs.jpg
wyatt with head tilted.jpg
Wyatt close up pup.jpg
Wyatt on deck super cute pup.jpg
Wyatt as a pup in the grass
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wyatt on ride home
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Wyatt running towards us pup
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wyatt in shop
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wyatt as baby 2
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Wyatt as a pup on deck with landscaping
Wyatt the shop dog KodiarcMetalWorksLLC.

Wyatt the shop dog @kodiarcmetalworksllc

Wyatt Earp "Wyatt" Blue Merle

Wyatt is a sweet boy who loves to be cuddled and petted. AKC registered, clear genetic pane. Wyatt is has a clear genetic panel and weighs 65 pounds. Wyatt has a clear Genetic Panel (See full health report on the Genetics page)  

Doc "Black Canyon Corral Aussie's Doc Holiday" Red Merle 


Docey, as he's fondly called was a puppy we kept back from our first litter with Annie and Wyatt.  He's a super sweet boy and often talks and "whoos" at us when he's excited.

Clear genetic Panel. At two years old, he is a bit bulkier than his father at nearly 70 pounds.  Doc has a clear Genetic Panel (See full health report on the Genetics page)