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Family Owned
AKC Registered Australian Shepherds.
Genetically tested.  

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We have had a variety of breeds over the years including Schipperkes, Samoyeds, a Border Collie, Alaskan Malamutes, and of course the Australian Shepherds. After becoming dogless after our 12-year-old and 13-year-old Malamutes and 13-year-old Blue Merle Male Aussie had passed we decided to focus solely on Aussies. We chose the Australian Shepherd breed because Aussies are loving dogs, wonderful companions and easy to train. All of our Aussies are around small children and are very gentle and good natured. Puppies from each litter are socialized with children and animals. 

This is a full-time commitment and one we take very seriously. We have put a lot of time and effort into choosing and training our dogs and developing the healthiest and most rewarding setup we can design for the most fulfilling doggy days.

Because of this commitment, one of us is almost always home with the dogs. They spend a lot of time with us, in the house, and when we are completing projects on our farm. We are also very protective over our dogs. We have large fenced in areas to keep them contained and at home when we are not able to watch them at all times, and for our puppies we have completed a fenced in covered area to keep our puppies safe from Coyotes, Mountain Lions, Hawks and Owls.  We are currently building a heated and cooled addition to our main room for our mothers and puppies. Our puppies start in our bedroom and then move one room over to the whelping room so they are kept close by. We also have cameras to monitor sight and sound just like a newborn baby monitor to keep ours and eventually your babies safe.  Our adults are also kept inside at night in a heated area. In the summer when it’s too hot they are also brought indoors into a cooled area.

Swimming pools, lots of running, and an abundance of playtime keeps them busy and best of all, happy. Each puppy unless otherwise requested will have its tail and dewclaws removed by a licensed vet. Puppies are wormed and current on vaccinations administered by our veterinarian at the time of sale. Genetics are completed at Pawprint Genetics and are available for review for each adult. 

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Black Canyon Corral Australian Shepherds

Emmett, Idaho

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