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Large Whelping Area 

This fenced in covered area will keep our puppies safe from Coyotes, Mountain Lions, Hawks and Owls.  


We have built a heated and cooled puppy area for our mothers and puppies.


Our puppies start in our bedroom and then move one room over to the whelping room so they are kept close by. We also have cameras to monitor sight and sound just like a newborn baby monitor to keep ours and eventually your babies safe.

Whelping yard and Covered Safe Whelping Area with heated and cooled puppy Room
One of our large dog runs for optimal opportunity for the Aussie's active lifestyle and to supply optimal exercersise

Large Safe Yards Dedicated to Our Dogs


These are our large outdoor exercise areas. They are fully fenced and safe for our dogs and keeps them from accessing irrigation water and keeps them from escaping our property when we are not able to watch them. They also have access to our farm, additional yards,  and are taken out and let run in the fields when we can full supervise them. 

Jessie Feb 23 jumping for his toy
Jessie Running straigt on
doc running forward with floof
cowdogs annie and cali
tensey and luna on hay
Wyatt, Cali, Annie and Wyatt/Annie son Doc

Wyatt, Cali, Annie and Wyatt/Annie son Doc

Wyatt, Annie, Cali, Doc

Wyatt, Cali, Annie and Wyatt/Annie son Doc

Hard play time

Hard play time, Cali will outrun them all! The boys whine and cry trying to keep up lol


Jesse the lap Dog

Wyatt running 2

Wyatt on his run

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