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About the Puppies and Our Breeding Program 


All of our dogs are AKC Registered and were Genetically tested or cleared through parentage. The genetic information for each parent can be viewed on their page and can be provided if requested and are also included with your puppy packet at pickup. Our puppies are sold with limited registration (pet only, not for breeding) Pet prices are based on conformation, pedigree, coat color, eye color, and sex. Breeding rights are not available. 


Enrichment & Socialization

Our puppies are with adults and children daily before being sold. They are whelped and raised indoors and have a small yard set up that is protected just outside the door to keep them safe. I utilize the following enrichment methods: Human Interactions, Leash Walking, Crate Training, Livestock Exposure, being Outdoors (when Weather permits and they are not too cold or too hot), Household Desensitization, Socialized with Children.


By the time you pick up your puppy, I will have spent countless hours with it. I work on the following with each puppy:

I work on getting them to come when called, and will use the name you have chosen to begin teaching it to come by name. I work on potty training and have a training tray as well as a puppy door for the puppies to practice going potty outdoors.  I also work on some basic commands, crate training, and hold and pet them daily so they are well used to being handled. I have gotten allot of positive feedback from buyers about the ease of potty training andl commands.


We are breeding for personality. form, and of course color. All of our dogs have very sweet personalities. Our dogs are wonderful with the grandkids and are never nippy and do not try to herd the kids like some cow dog breeds. One of our dogs even slides down the slide!


​Included with Puppy

We send our puppies home with a Food Starter Bag, Certificate of Health, Blanket with Mom's Scent, Puppy and parent photos, Blanket with Littermates Scent, Limited AKC Registration; unless otherwise specified in contract. Copies of Parent’s Genetic testing, health Guarantee, and contract.



Our puppies have all of the required vaccinations and worming completed as well as a health examination before being sold. We have had their parent’s genetic testing done at Paw Print Genetics. Our adults have yearly exams and are updated on their vaccinations. Puppies’ tails  are removed by a licensed veterinarian at 2-3 days of age. We will gladly leave a tail on a puppy if they are paid for before we dock tails


Health Guarantee: We offer a 1-year health guarantee against Genetic defects so long as you take your puppy to your Vet within 72 hours of leaving here. The buyer is required to keep the puppy up to date on vaccinations and worming, and spay and neuter. Our dogs are not to be used for breeding as stated in our contract.



We require a $500 non-refundable deposit. If you have put down a deposit on an upcoming litter, once puppies arrive, we will go down the list in the order of received deposits and you will have the option to choose a puppy from the current litter, or wait for another upcoming litter. The breeder reserves the right of first pick from any litter. Once you have chosen a puppy; the deposit is non-refundable.   


Biosecurity: We are extremely careful with our dogs and our puppies to prevent transferable diseases. Parvo is one of greatest concerns and can be brought in by people who own other dogs, dogs from parks, playing and handling puppies from other facilities, and from ordinary street shoes. Due to these concerns and issues other breeders have faced from having Parvo unintentionally brought into their facility and infecting their puppies, we have chosen to have a closed facility to protect all of the buyers’ puppies as well as your own. We do Face-Time, and updated pictures and videos weekly. This is how we bought our puppies as well and we were grateful for the extra precautions other breeders took.

Black Canyon Corral Aussies

Telephone: 208-739-7347

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