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Cali and Doc are expecting a litter at the end of February/early March.
Puppies should be ready/8 weeks old by the end of April. 

Expecting all colors!

doc with elzie (4).jpg
Doc in grass  .jpg
Cali as a pup on a leash.jpg
cali on hay 2.jpg
Cali in grass.jpg
doc in grass best pic.jpg
doc june 22 (2).jpg


Red merle Male close up.jpg
Red merle male 12 28 #2.jpg
Yello in truck 2.jpg
Light blue on truck 2.jpg
rose asleep.jpg
12 17 #3.jpg
Dark blue front view 11 29.jpg
august 17th 2.jpg
aug 17th Luna and Tennessee.jpg
aug 9th 7.jpg
aug 9th 8.jpg
Colt aug 9th 3.jpg
aug 9th 2.jpg
July 29 2.jpg
Aug 17th Luna and Tenzy.jpg
12 17 looking sideways.jpg
light blue on blanket 11 29.jpg
12 17 #5.jpg
Ali's version (2).jpg
aug 17th.jpg
aug 9th 9.jpg

About the Puppies

Enrichment & Socialization

Our puppies are with adults and children daily before being sold. They are whelped and raised indoors and have a small yard set up that is protected just outside the door to keep them safe. I utilize the following enrichment methods: Human Interactions , Leash Walking, Crate Training, Livestock Exposure, Outdoors (when Weather permits), Household Desensitization, Socialized with Other Animals, Socialized with Cats, Socialized with Children.

Included with Puppy

We send our puppies home with a Food Starter Bag, Certificate of Health, Blanket with Mom's Scent, Puppy and parent photos, Blanket with Littermates Scent, Limited AKC Registration;unless otherwise specified in contract.


Our puppies have all of the required vaccinations and worming completed as well as a health examination before being sold. We have had their genetic testing done at Paw Print Genetics. Our adults have yearly exams and our updated on their vaccinations as well.

Health Guarantee

We offer a 1 year health guarantee. The buyer is required to keep the puppy up to date on vaccinations and worming.

Meet the Breeder

Elzie Brown

  • I have owned a variety of dogs over the year including a Border Collie, a male Blue Merle Aussie, Samoyeds, Malamutes, and Schipperkes. My favorite dogs have been cattle dogs. Therefore I decided to get another Australian Shepherd when my 13 years old passed.

  • How we got into breeding?

    I started with a male and female Samoyd in the hope of breeding. I never got any puppies but enjoyed them as pets. I eventually got Schipperkes which are in the same Spitz family as a Samoyed and successfully bred them and flew them around the country to families. It was a lot of fun and my kids really enjoyed it. We enjoyed our male Aussie so much we decided to get another one and now we have developed our breeding program. 

  • What makes our breeding program special?

    Our dogs are raised with our family and are in the house with us as well as working on our small farm. We are breeding for personality. form, and of course color. All of our dogs have very sweet personalities. Two of them are especially skilled at herding, and one female would prefer to be with us or the grandkids. Our dogs are wonderful with the grandkids and are never nippy as some herding dogs are.

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